Julie Tate

B. Health Sc. IAT, Australia

Hello! I’m Julie

I have practiced professionally as an allied health professional and in the hair industry for over 25 years.

Member of the Chiropody Association in 1991, I specialized in another form of keratin, the nail plate. Working with the diabetic patient began my deep interest in the link between nutrition and disease.

Today as a member of The International Association of Trichologists I adhere to a strict and ethical code of practice. I participated in the 2008 World Trichology Conference in Mumbai, India, and gained invaluable knowledge from leading Trichology experts from around the globe. As a trichologist, my aim is to offer a more natural and holistic alternative to patients who suffer from hair loss and or scalp disorders.

Our hair and skin reflect our internal health, and because scalp hair is one of the most metabolically active tissue in the body, hair loss is often the first sign of an imbalance at cellular level.

I believe today’s increasing stressful and toxic environment go hand in hand with hair and skin problems we face today.

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