Common Problems

Common Problems
  • Hair Loss (minimal or excessive)
  • Thinning ( patchy or widespread)
  • Oily / Dry scalp
  • Itching / Scaling
  • Inflammation
  • Psoriasis/ Dermatitis
  • Chemical damage
  • hair breakage
  • Loose Anagen Syndrome

Loss of hair (termed alopecia) is not a simple concept and can come under many different headings. Males and females are affected and there are many common causes.

Most disorders of the hair and scalp can be quickly identified and treated before the hair follicle has been destroyed. As a trichologist I specialize in treating the cause of the problem, and for most it is an imbalance that can be easily corrected.

These photos are the copyright of the International Association of Trichologists and David Salinger and are reproduced with their permission.

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