What is Trichology?

Trichology is the science of the hair and scalp.

The hair is the barometer of many imbalances in the body.  Factors such as poor nutrition, systemic problems, medications and stress can affect the hair and skin causing hair loss and skin problems. Stress can trigger or aggravate many health problems causing disorders in the way our hair grows and can often be the first sign of a health problem.

Each hair follicle, which produces the hair, passes through a cycle of growth, degeneration and replacement.  Each hair has its own independent cycle and it is the scalp, with its abundance of follicles, that becomes bald to some degree in every person.

Hair plays an important part in our social culture. It can form part of who we are and how we want others to perceive us.

A negative self image surrounding our hair can sabotage a persons sense of well being.  Getting the very best out of your hair and skin means having a balance between our internal and external environments.  Nutrition, hormones, physical exercise, external factors, stress and a positive outlook all play an important role in maintaining our health and well being.

Trichology is the specialised science of the hair and scalp that incorporates all the above to each patients individual needs.

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