Today we live in an environment where toxic exposure is part and parcel of our existence, whether it be from the swimming pool, medication we take, contaminated playgrounds, water we drink, exhaust fumes, industrial pollution, food, pesticides, and household chemicals etc. our immune system is being endlessly compromised. Toxic metals such as Mercury, Lead, Arsenic and Aluminium have no known biological function and all are neuro-toxic.They often displace our nutritional minerals and damage cells in all body systems, for example high levels of copper may express as hypothyroidism, allergies, anemia, depression, headaches, liver dysfunction and often hair loss. Children especially show deficiencies in many essential minerals which result in further accumulation of toxic metals, and often shown as anxiety, irritability and depression.

Human hair holds all our internal metabolic information in the cortex of the hair shaft so is an excellent indicator of nutritional and possible toxic metal accumulation over months or years of exposure. Nutritional modification can help protect from the adverse effects of heavy metals, it is crucial to eat a balanced diet that includes all food groups to help strengthen the immune system so as the body can block absorption of these harmful and aggressive elements.

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