Vitamins and minerals are vital for normal cell growth and when deficient we can experience hair loss as well as immune compromise. The ideal way to get vitamins and minerals is through nutritious foods grown from nutrient rich soils. Unfortunately this is becoming harder to obtain with our deficient soil fertility and agricultural practices (Victorian soils is particularly deficient in Selenium, Vitamin E) and dietary practices. Mineral supplementation can be an easy and accessible way to get these nutrients.

When suffering with hair loss, I always insist my patients have a full blood test that includes their Iron and Vitamin D levels as these are top of my list for causing hair loss. Iron deficient patients should also ensure their Vitamin C (for collagen) intake is appropriate as these will aid absorption. Alopecia Areata occurs when there is interrupted cell signalling of hormones , enzymes and immune cells, causing hair fall. Studies show a relationship with low Vitamin D levels and thyroid function and gut microbiome all having an effect. So to assess absorption of minerals is critical, as most patients tell me they eat a healthy diet, but which diet is healthy? possibly due to stress levels, IBS or deficient stomach acid this will block absorption of vital nutrients. The mineral Zinc among others helps restore a compromised immune system.

I offer Hair Tissue Mineral testing that investigates the absorption and workings of your body. A look into your biochemistry will show how your body deals with stress, in particular your adrenal and thyroid response. This includes many heavy (toxic) metals like lead, mercury, arsenic and aluminum, all of which have no biological function in our body, they just sit and hide in body tissue and displace many essential nutrients like zinc, selenium and iron stores. People say ‘surely you can just take supplements and you will just excrete out what you don’t need’ this statement couldn’t be more wrong, as every mineral you take has a chemical reaction with everything it comes into contact with, other minerals, gut, liver and into your cells. For example, Vitamin C in many helps absorption of iron, but to some with iron toxicity this would make them seriously ill. You should never just assume you need supplementation, always seek professional guidance.

I find many females in particular, with high (toxic) levels of tissue copper, (found in many foods, contraception,etc ) which will cause deficiencies in other nutrients, mainly zinc, which is crucial for hair, skin and nails. High copper levels destroy histamine, is associated with liver dysfunction and associated with depression, due to its role in neurotransmitter balancing. Copper is extremely important for red blood cell formation and collagen in tissue repair but when deficient or excessive is the reason behind many of my patients hair loss as well, anemia or recurrent infections.

In deficiency states the body conserves nutrients by restricting hair growth, especially during sickness and stress hair loss maybe seen from all over the scalp. To strengthen hair roots and enhance hair growth focus on a varied and nutritious diet.