I often see patients with an itchy scalp, it can be a small area like a pimple or a large area that can affect other parts of the body too, either way itch can be pretty distressing. Some itching can be easily helped with a medicated shampoo that will help normalize the pH level of the skin, as with dandruff or oily/ dry scalp. It may be psoriasis, that will bleed when scratched, this normally is influenced by stress and can be eased with the right nutrition. Ringworm can be alarming and is very contagious, there would be itching and inflammation and medication is needed to kill off the fungi. This is often caused by a pet, and I often see redness or blisters around the face too where the pet has snuggled close to the owner . Dry skin is a common problem and often using an oatmeal/ aloe vera or coconut shower wash really helps, again nutrition of vital minerals is essential. Quite often itchy scalp coincides with hair loss and can be a sign of an inflammatory condition caused by an immune response, as with Folliculitis Decalvans and Lichen Planopilaris. Some conditions maybe scarring, others non scarring, get advice early on if you are worried. With any itching this is a symptom that internal homeostasis is unbalanced. I often find the liver is often the culprit, whether sluggish or congested it can dump toxins into the blood stream and cause a histamine response. Many minerals including calcium, zinc and copper are major players in histamine and immune response. So include healing foods such as vegetables and fruit, and leave out junk and processed food, hydrate well and your skin will see the difference.