PCOS is the appearance of tiny follicles on one or both ovaries, this is due to a disturbance in hormonal balance and an increase in insulin secretion. Many women have a number of symptoms including scalp hair loss, excess body hair growth, absent or irregular periods, weight gain and acne. The ovaries are super sensitive to insulin, and so has a major effect on ovarian function and symptoms. Importantly nutrient balance will alter hormone production. A well balanced, nutritious diet and eliminating processed and sugary foods is so beneficial to insulin regulation as nutrition affects the hormonal glands. For example if you have a magnesium deficiency, normally I see this when calcium is too high in the diet, some adrenal gland hormones are increased, Magnesium is important for insulin sensitivity and hormonal response in cells, so balancing minerals such as magnesium is crucial to ovarian function. Also estrogen and progesterone have an influence on copper and zinc status, when zinc / copper ratios are elevated or deficient this highlights hormonal imbalance. Food can be the simple solution to hormonal and insulin balance.